Best Halloween Names for Cats – Spooky, Scary and Cute

You are here; it means you love Halloween and looking for the best Halloween Names for Cats. We came up with a list of favorites spooky, cute, and mysterious Halloween names just for your cat.

We always feel lucky to spend time with our cats. In hopes that on this Halloween season you’re going to introduce a new feline friend, we’ve compiled an extensive list of the Spooky and cute cat name ideas, from classic horror film characters to trick-or-treat candy.

It’s common to explore Halloween cat names for your newest furry family member.

Cats can seem like magical creatures who bring up different superstitious images in mind. In reality, cats aren’t a bad omen or a curse. They’re beautiful creatures who usually want to cuddle and judge you from a distance. Honestly, everyone should have a cat or kitten by their side. We’ve made a hearty list of cat names inspired by your favorite Halloween holiday.

Our Allhallows Eve cat names include creepy, witch names, fall cat names, mysterious cat names, gothic cat names, and scary names.

However, to start, we must inform you that some of the names from the list may be a little harsh for a sweet little kitten, although you could use them in an ironic sense.

Allhallows Eve is a holiday designed to scare, so let’s start with these spooky names that conjure up an ominous feeling.

Halloween Names for Black Cats

  • Shadow: Shadows cast a touch of darkness any place they land., just like your black cat.
  • Night: Time when the sky is Dark.
  • Dagger: This name wouldn’t suit any color of pet other than black.
  • Dusk: The time just before night falls, making it a perfect name for black or gray cats.
  • Dawn: This is the time when it’s not nighttime and not daytime.
  • Lucy: It seems a very innocent name until you reveal that Lucy is a short form of Lucifer.
  • Horns: We believe that some cats have invisible, devilish horns.
  • Devil: Halloween cat names list is incomplete without this name.
  • Misfit: Sometimes the cat or kitten might behave a bit like a misfit.
  • Tip: Pointed tip of a witch’s hat.
  • Midnight: It’s the hour when the veil between different worlds is thinnest.
  • Luna: Which only comes out when it’s night.
  • Smokey: That smoke which coming out of the cauldron while you are brewing your next potion.
  • Jet: Just like jet black, a pretty good Halloween name for black cats.
  • Raven: Ravens are all-black who appear mostly in horror movies.
  • Ouija: Some say playing with an Ouija board can bring up dark and evil spirits.
  • Occult: We all know there is nothing darker more than the dark arts.

Scary Cat Names

  • Bane – The supervillain of Batman or short form for wolfsbane
  • Beast – If your cat is a bit big or scary.
  • Blackjack – This would be the best name for your dashing male cat.
  • Blade – Superhero VAmpire with a sharp sword.
  • Bones – Perfect for a white or light color skinny cat.
  • Diablo – in Spanish it means “devil”.


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